News - Car Junky Spring-Summer

Helping Your Car Keep Cool In Warmer Weather

Find out how to keep your car cool in the warmer weather. Whether it’s a vacation road trip or your daily commute to work, when the temperatures climb higher on the outside, things are also heating up under the hood of your car.

Keep your cool: Don't Get Stuck On The Road This Summer

Learn how to keep your cool: Don't get stuck on the road this summer with these helpful car care tips from Royal Purple. Find out about Royal Ice, a radiator coolant additive, too.

Five Fast Fixes And Tips For A Summer Ready Car

Here are five fast fixes and tips for a summer-ready car!

Wash Away The Effects Of Rough Weather

Spring is here and we can now wash away the effects of rough weather on our vehicles. It's time to wash your car.

Hot Tips For Summer Battery Care

Hot Tips for summer battery care...protect your car's battery this summer. It’s a good idea to protect and care for a part of your vehicle you depend on every time you drive: the battery.